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About Us

About us and the Matyós:
Our family and our relatives, people we know and craftsmen keep the “Matyó” tradition. They create and decorate by hand the items available in our shop: they paint, prepare easter eggs, they scalp and carve as their parents and grandparents did in the past. The Matyó motives are painted not only on decorative objects, but on products of everyday life also.

The folk art of the Matyó community in and around the town of Mezőkövesd in north-eastern Hungary is characterized by floral motifs that are found in flat-stitch embroidery and ornamented objects. Matyó embroidery decorates the traditional dress of the region, worn by local people in celebratory events and in folk dancing and singing. The floral motifs have played a crucial part in strengthening the self-image and identity of the Matyó community and are employed in interior decoration, contemporary fashion and architecture, in addition to embroidery.

You can find more info about the Matyos here.

Our on-line shop:
Most of the shops of Hungarian folk art are closed in Budapest or in the countryside, still, we know, there are many people how would like to buy “treasures” were sold in those shops. Thanks to the change of the technology we can offer these folk art products on the internet in our on-line shop, and these are available from around the world. Luckily more and more older people browse and buy on the web. Our shop is available from anywhere and anytime if somebody looks for a piece of ‘Hungaricum’. You can be a collector, somebody needs a special decoration for its home or somebody looks for a traditional gift from Hungary.
We would like to represent the wide range of Hungarian folk art, however the objects of Matyos are the most frequent in our shop currently. Look aroun in our on-line shop and come back later too!

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